$AMD Dip Buy - Part 2

$AMD Dip Buy - Part 1
$AMD Dip Buy - Part 2
$AMD Dip Buy - Part 3 - Sold

The next day on the 13th the stock traded sideways prettty much all day. I had the ability to get out for a 5c profit but that was not worth it due to commissions. I waited longer and on the 14th the stock gave me an opportunity to exit my position for a 15c profit. It looked like it was topping in the $12.45 area since it struggled so much with $12.35 area earlier in the day.

I could have taken this exit but I was really looking for more and wanted to at least sell into the $12.55 region. It’s only 10c higher but that’s another $17 on a 170 share position. Nothing spectacular still. I probably should have just taken it since it clearly wasn’t going any higher. I could have then re-entered lower near $12.15 with more shares.

Still, this entry is far superior to my $13.00 buy, and I shouldn’t have to wait as long for a good rebound day.

$AMD 1 minute candles

I was watching the level 2 even though it’s mostly meaningless. I saw a massive 850+ sell on EDGX near $12.35. It magically vanished out of thin air. I’m guessing to let it run more so the seller could try for a better exit price.

We’ll see what happens next on 09/15/17.


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