Watchlist - 09/21/17

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


AMD spiked into the close yesterday on a Tesla deal. The move continued after hours up into the $14.60s. I expect there to be a decent sized morning spike. If I trade this I might have to get in immediately at the open. Premarket it had a pretty big gap down but is starting to recover. If it looks like it will have a big spike at the open I plan to trade it in E-Trade so I don’t panic sell.

Correction: GlobalFoundries CEO Sanjay Jha mentioned Tesla as an example of a company working with chip fabricators, but did not specifically say that it was a GlobalFoundries customer.

Buy the rumor, sell the news. Be careful.

Tim has this in his watchlist as well but didn’t really say anything other than the cause being a rumored Tesla deal.

Float: 940.20M
Short: 17.80%


Up on FDA approval news. Resistance near $6.25 which looks significant since it tapped that level many times in the past including today during premarket. Possible support at $5.50 and $5.85. If it breaks $6.25 it has the potential to go up to $7.15 which is the next clear resistance level.

Float: 79.31M
Short: 24.01%


This stock is on watch again from the previous few days. It held the $5.50 support yesterday and is currently at that level during premarket.

Float: 3.30M
Short: 32.32%


ITUS just spiked on new news about its cancer detection technology. This stock has been up the past few days and making big % moves. It dropped to $1.78 (possible support level) premarket and I missed it. I wouldn’t have traded it anyway because it’s premarket. If they are continuously putting out PRs, it’s probably to get the stock price up to stay listed on the NASDAQ.

Float: 14.10M
Short: 7.73%

Watchlist Review (10:00 AM)


Very choppy so I couldn’t figure out whether I wanted to go long or short. I ended up not trading it. I am kind of short biased on it now since it keeps topping near $14.15. It’s just in a channel between $13.85 (premarket support) and $14.25 for now.


Faded at the open. There was a potential dip buy at $5.20 but there wasn’t much volume so I didn’t bother to watch it.


Dip buy opportunity near the open but it was very choppy. No shares available at IB to short. A few minutes later it bottomed at $5.50/$5.55 support once again. No idea how I’m missing these obvious setups.


Very choppy like $AMD. Didn’t really do much.

$AKTX (not on the list)

This popped up on the % gain list and it squeezed from $6 to $11+. I saw it around $8.50 when it was forming a bull flag. I should have pulled the trigger - it was so obvious! It showed up premarket too but I ignored it for lack of volume. Only a few thousand shares traded. Usually when there’s extremely low volume like that it does nothing at the open. This will be on watch for tomorrow. It could keep running for sure if it holds its gains today.


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