Watchlist - 09/22/17

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

No watchlist for today since I woke up around 9:00 AM and had no time to prepare. I’ll be reviewing a few stocks that made moves today anyway.


I was really close to shorting at the $13.30 lower high but hesitated and watched it go by. Not a huge drop so far but I don’t expect this to spike over that level anymore. I’ve seen this stock reject off the previous close so many times I should be shorting immediately when it gets close to it. If it breaks then get out, otherwise hold it all day.


Looked like a potential dip buy at $10.30 since I have a support line drawn there. The spike wasn’t very impressive and it rolled over. Probably a bear flag.


Decent sized bounce off the ~$9.20 premarket lows up to $9.70. Nothing huge considering what it did yesterday but there was some money to be made there.


This is the second stock that had low volume premarket and spiked huge. Even if I watched it from the beginning I wouldn’t know where to get in other than just chasing it. It went straight from $2.05 to $3.10 without stopping.


I stopped watching this because it looked like it was done. Today it squeezed from $2.00 to $2.50 so far. A good entry would have been around $2.20 on the pull back.


Intraday breakout over $6.10. It would have worked really well as it squeezed up to $6.70+ and never dropped to the breakout level.


I am not a registered financial adviser/broker/anything. Use this information for entertainment/informational purposes only. Any tickers mentioned are not recommendations to buy/sell/or sell short. They are used as examples only.