Watchlist - 10/03/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Currently up even more during premarket. IB shares available are slowly disappearing.

Float: 41.51M
Short: 2.49%

I’ll mostly be watching this stock today since it had a huge move yesterday and I think it can keep going today.


Up again during premarket. Possible dip by near $3.35. Has some resistance near $4.15.

Float: 113.62M
Short: 3.75%


This stock is still fighting and hanging on. Possible dip by near $2.77 intraday support from yesterday. It’s definitely the back side of the move now so I would not hold for very long.

Float: 12.44M
Short: 4.43%


Yesterday was its first red day but not by much. I think it can still keep going. Possible dip buy near $12.57.

Float: 3.30M
Short: 22.74%


Spiked over $1/share yesterday morning before fading. Formed a nice looking ascending triangle. Possible dip buy near $3.30. Yesterday’s daily candle ended up being a shooting star (it closed near the open).

Float: 11.29M
Short: 7.49%

Watchlist Review (10:30 AM)

I wasn’t able to be here at the open for 5-10 minutes so I missed some dip buys.


Small panic near the open then spiked pretty big. Failed hard after not being able to spike more.


Didn’t watch. Crashed at the open then had a nice bounce.


Choppy at the open then didn’t do much. Started cracking around 10:30 AM.


Big panic at the open then kind of bounced around. Really choppy.


Panicked at the open. Could have shorted the bear flag at 9:35 AM.

$AMD (not on the list)

I ignored it today because it had no volume during premarket. I expected it to breakout or breakdown at some point but didn’t think it’d get up to $13.40+. There is some news about a custom Polaris chip for embedded systems but that doesn’t seem like huge news. At least it’s finally doing something rather than having 20c intraday moves. I would have liked to dip buy at $12.55 but it just never got down there when I watched it.

The news for it came out premarket and I saw a YouTube video posted by AMD for it. If it was really important I’d expect there to be some decent volume premarket. A week or so ago it had insane volume premarket and continued spiking at the open. That is what I would have liked to see.

Today it did nothing premarket then for about 5 minutes at the open still nothing. Out of nowhere it spiked.

$CLSN (not on the list)

Pretty much uptrended right out of the gate. A good entry would have been the high of day break near 10:26 AM. I have a note in IB for this stock saying they do intraday financings then cancel them.


I am not a registered financial adviser/broker/anything. Use this information for entertainment/informational purposes only. Any tickers mentioned are not recommendations to buy/sell/or sell short. They are used as examples only.