Watchlist - 10/05/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Yesterday it had a small morning spike then dropped 35c. I do not expect it to spike very much but it could end up consolidating like it did before in the $12.50 - $12.80 range.

Float: 940.29M
Short: 16.82%


Not much volume premarket at the moment. Yesterday it sold off during premarket then managed to spike during the day. Daily chart looks pretty bad now. Multiday breakout over $6.05.

Float: 7.32M
Short: 10.45%


Big spike into the close yesterday on news. Possible resistance at $3.00 and $3.50.

Float: 15.35M
Short: 0.27%


Still watching this after a few days. It’s been very choppy every day so I’m not that comfortable buying it.

Float: 41.51M
Short: 2.49%


Morning spike yesterday then cracked and sort of faded all day long. We’ll have to see what it does today.

Float: 5.48M
Short: 12.51%


This stock was hot a few weeks ago and is spiking again. There is an offering at $4/share so I’m wondering if it will drop because of that. There are 159K shares available in IB at the moment. I suppose the offering price isn’t that far off from yesterday’s close. If it had been done at a huge discount like 50% to 75% it would crash. Huge discounts mean they are desparate for cash.

Float: 16.65M
Short: 6.62%


Float is a bit higher so it might not move as much as the others. Possible resistance at $7.20, $7.50, and $7.70. Yearly chart looks very choppy to me.

Float: 84.83M
Short: 10.21%

Watchlist Review

Today just feels kind of slow compared to the past few. Most of the stocks on my list had failed morning spikes that faded. $APVO is the only one I’m seeing that had a good sized spike before coming down. $INO crashed right out of the gate. $MNKD was decent but I wasn’t really watching it.


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