Watchlist - 10/09/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Tripled intraday on Friday. Still on watch for another move. I see no news on it so I have no clue why it ran. There were tons of opportunites on it to make money but I skipped it to try shorting $SNCR. Earnings comes out today according to thinkorswim.

Float: 7.72M
Short: 6.31%


Spiked pretty big on Friday so it’s on watch again for similar price action. This could be the back side of the move since it failed to make a new high.

Float: 26.56M
Short: 8.59%


Watching for a breakout over $5.25. It got up to $5.35 premarket but rejected sharply. Potential resistance up near $6.00.

Float: 158.66M
Short: 1.96%


Starting to spike up again premarket. It’s up a crazy amount now so now sure if I will consider buying or not.

Float: 74.72M
Short: 31.07%

Watchlist Review (1:00 PM)

I didn’t see anything I liked today. Volume felt kind of low on everything I was watching except $HMNY which is just an insane stock.


Decent spike out of the gate. Missed it but it ended up being choppy.


Did nothing.


Spiked then sold off. Looked like it was going to crack more near 9:45 AM but spiked in a choppy way.


Panic right out of the gate. The double bottom would have worked nicely but volume was fading. Low volume the rest of the day.

$CLNT (not on the list)

Massive spike at the open that I was not prepared for. An entry near 9:37 AM would have worked perfectly. Float on this is 1.38M which is super tiny and it traded 9.5x its volume so far today. Every spike has failed in the past so I just wasn’t interested in watching it. It sold off a bit after the huge spike but it’s holding most of it.

$AMD (not on the list)

No volume premarket so I ignored it. Had a small spike that sold off then spiked nearly 60c a share.

$HMNY (not on the list)

Every single day it spikes more and more. I just don’t feel comfortable buying it because if you get caught near the top it sells off 0.50c to $1 instantly.


I am not a registered financial adviser/broker/anything. Use this information for entertainment/informational purposes only. Any tickers mentioned are not recommendations to buy/sell/or sell short. They are used as examples only.