Watchlist - 10/10/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Most likely running due to upcoming earnings. It really feels like a chase now and I should have bought near $12.75 a few weeks ago.

Float: 940.29M
Short: 16.82%


Doubled yesterday on news. Every previous spike has failed and come back down the next day. The candle looks the same as the previous times it has spiked except with a bigger gap. Very low float so when there’s a big demand and not enough supply you get huge moves. It’s selling off premarket so I’m not expecting a huge move up.

Float: 1.38M
Short: 9.72%


Almost broke out yesterday so it’s on watch for a multiday breakout setup. Watching over $3.45. Possible resistance near $4.00.

Float: 5.14M
Short: 1.60%


Not seeing any news on this but yesterday it had a nice pull back near $2.00. It’s a little light on volume but there is clearly some support at $2.00 now.

Float: 2.24M
Short: 7.07%


Nice panic out of the gate yesterday before bottoming near $4.90 and spiking. It’s up a little premarket like yesterday so we’ll see what it does today.

Float: 74.72M
Short: 31.07%


A few days ago this stock spiked premarket then failed at the open. Clear support in the $2.55 range. There are some shares available in IB in case it panics.

Float: 8.77M
Short: 1.83%


Huge gap up on news. There’s no overhead resistance because the ticker is relatively new. Looks like there was a merger and ticker change so thinkorswim only goes back to December of last year. In IB I see the whole chart. Could be some resistance near $20.00 and $21.00.

Float: 9.33M
Short: 0.59%

Watchlist Review

Today I focused on watching $VICL at the open then $ROKA shortly after it started moving.


Definitely some short opportunities on it after the second spike failed to break the day high.


Tiny spike then failed.


Slowly uptrended then spiked. Wouldn’t have been easy for me to trade this.


Didn’t really do anything. Low volume.


Missed the dip buy on this. Saw it right after it started moving. It would have worked amazingly well.


Attempted to dip buy at $3.01 on the bid but didn’t get filled. I would have probably lost a dollar or two on it from commissions if I got in since the bounce was weak. Bear flag.

$ROKA (not on the list)

Finally an IB win! My friend was talking about this premarket and while it started making a big move.

BRIEF-Edward Painter reports 6.79 pct stake in Roka Bioscience
Oct 10 (Reuters) - Roka Bioscience Inc <ROKA.O>
* Edward Painter reports 6.79 pct stake in Roka Bioscience
Inc <ROKA.O> as of Sept 29 - SEC filing
* Edward painter - purchased shares of Roka Bioscience Inc
"with the intention of seeking a business combination with A2A

I got it on the pullback at 9:36 AM. I clicked the “Buy Bid” button in IB since it was going up and down like crazy a few cents. I figured I would definitely be able to get in on the bid. Normally, I hesitate a lot then miss the move which is very frustrating.

Once again I did not watch the P/L and focused only on the chart. I still feel a bit of a rush when placing trades so I’m not able to fully conentrate and end up selling too soon even if the chart is still looking good. As soon as I got in, I wanted out as quickly as possible. This is why I put a limit sell out 15-20c above my entry. I’ll get better at that after enough trades.

$ROKA 1 minute candles


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