Watchlist - 10/11/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


This stock was on watch a few days ago and is gapping up again premarket. They did an offering so it tanked pretty badly during premarket several days ago.

Float: 7.32M
Short: 10.45%


There was a very nice dip buy opportunity yesterday but I missed it and traded $ROKA instead. Pretty big gap down premarket so we’ll see what it does today.

Float: 74.72M
Short: 31.07%


This stock surprises me every day. When I think it’s done it squeezes some more. Earnings are today.

Float: 7.72M
Short: 6.31%


This short squeeze is getting ridiculous now. I’m afraid to trade it either way. It will definitely crash eventually but there are no shares at IB and I’m not sure if I’d want to short it even after it panics hard. This is one where you could blow up your account if you are not careful.

Float: 3.30M
Short: 22.74%


It ended up breaking out yesterday but got rejected at $3.64 and fell. No big crash yet so it could still run.

Float: 5.14M
Short: 1.60%


Started popping up premarket. This is the stock that acquired a license for the failed “POWERHOUSE 3.0” technology.

Float: 7.02M
Short: 12.67%


Up again premarket. A few days ago it spiked then failed abysmally. I did see one opportunity and tried to take it but didn’t get executed. News is different this time.

Float: 3.51M
Short: 7.84%

Watchlist Review

There was only one good opportunity that I wanted to take but I didn’t because I wasn’t sure. On $MNKD today it dipped right to support from a few days ago and bounced 40c. It’s the type of play I really like but I have a hard time buying.


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