Watchlist - 10/12/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


I missed the dip buy on it yesterday. Now it feels like the run is over and is starting to fade off its highs.

Float: 74.72M
Short: 31.07%


Finally a gap down. After hours it tanked pretty hard but I wouldn’t be surprised if it squeezed some more. There are probably so many bag holders in the $30 range now. I have no plans to trade it. It’s just too scary.

Float: 3.30M
Short: 22.74%


Now touching the $14 range. It can still spike again since we’re close to earnings. After every single ER there is a gap down after a run up. I expect it to do the same again.

Float: 940.29M
Short: 16.82%


Nice run up yesterday after a dip. Clearly has some support near $5.30.

Float: 7.32M
Short: 10.45%


Huge spike yesterday with multiple pullback opportunities. Not seeing any recent news except they are planning to present at Rodman & Renshaw (they do terrible financings).

Float: 28.60M
Short: 0.23%


Big gap up after hours then sold off. It’s curling up now. Possible resistance at $11.00.

Float: 46.93M
Short: 2.35%


Ran pretty big a few days ago on news. I don’t really trust it because every spike has failed - including the most recent one. It is up premarket so maybe it has bottomed.

Float: 1.38M
Short: 9.72%


Pretty terrible long term chart. Resistance near $2.20 and $3.50.

Float: 49.39M
Short: 1.48%

Watchlist Review

Tried dip buying $INFI at $2.65 after I noticed it was starting to curl up (forming a cup). I didn’t get filled because it never dipped low enough. It spiked from $2.70 up to $3.10+. It would have worked perfectly. I also tried shorting it twice but just wasn’t confident since it’s so choppy (up then down a lot) so I canceled the orders.

$INFI 1 minute candles

I was also looking to dip buy $CLSN after it dropped to $4.85 support perfectly (few cents above it). It bounced at least 30c/share so far. After the huge drop it just looked like low volume so I didn’t pull the trigger.

$CLSN 1 minute candles

Kind of feels like there’s a lot of failed spikes today.

You can’t tell till you bet.

Jesse Livermore


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