Watchlist - 10/16/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Tanked into the close on Friday just like $HMNY. Recovering some premarket now.

Shares outstanding: 1.67M
Market cap: 3.79M


Spiked after hours on Friday and hit a wall near $2.70. It broke past that during premarket and has some support at $2.80. Possible resistance at $2.92, $3.65, and $5.00.

Float: 123.58M
Short: 6.25%


Chart history looks pretty decent to me. Resistance at $29.55.

Float: 276.46M
Short: 7.23%


Starting to get some volume premarket now. It might have some trouble in the $5.70 region. No new news from what I can tell.

Float: 80.60M
Short: 29.37%


Currently up 10% premarket. This stock has been very hot lately.

Float: 7.32M
Short: 10.51%


Just by reading the headline this stock seems very speculative. Resistance at $8.85. It dipped right to ~$6.55 support on Friday and bounced so that seems significant. I don’t think I’ll be watching it.

Float: 50.99M
Short: 26.51%

Watchlist Review

I got extremely tired 30 minutes before the open so I didn’t expect to place any trades today. Seems a bit choppy today but there were definitely some opportunities. $LBIX was good for a scalp near $3.40 selling into $3.60. $EXEL broke out but got rejected a few times first near $30.50 so I didn’t really feel confident in it. It ended up running to $32+. I seem to keep forgetting that NASDAQ breakouts can be choppy and I could have gotten in on the dip to $30.42.


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