Watchlist - 10/17/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Not seeing anything amazing so far. I’m liking $TRXC with how it’s holding $3 currently but it could do exactly what it did yesterday and panic.


Seems to close red or near its lows most of the time which is why the daily wicks look choppy. You cannot stay very long when buying. The moves don’t look as impressive now so it could tank near the open soon.

Shares outstanding: 1.67M
Market cap: 4.71M


Still on watch from yesterday. It basically tanked at the open but had a nice dip buy opportunity and actually broke the day high. Possible continuation. Possible dip buy near $2.85/$2.92.

Float: 123.58M
Short: 6.25%


Sideways for the past two days. So far it has tested $14.12 twice, so I’m thinking I might dip buy in that area. Not huge gains but it could be a good overnight trade (sell into premarket). Although it might be over since the previous days it gapped up slightly and today it’s down a little.

Float: 940.29M
Short: 17.07%


Starting to come back after a few red days. Very choppy yesterday so I might ignore it today. No news that I can see.

Float: 7.72M
Short: 5.27%


Lots of failed spikes on day one or two. Seems to sell off within the first hour or two of the open. I wouldn’t stay long.

Float: 10.80M
Short: 1.86%


Low float former runner that spiked near the open and into the close. The news doesn’t seem very important though so we’ll see what it does today. Awful long term chart.

Float: 13.58M
Short: 8.93%


Really awful long term chart but is spiking on news. I doubt I’ll watch this one just because of how terrible the chart is. Infinite bag holders.

Float: 10.31M
Short: 3.10%

Watchlist Review

$TRXC was too choppy for me to figure out if I wanted to trade it or not so I ignored it.

I saw $ETRM tapping $2.44 for several minutes trying to breakout of that resistance level so I waited until it did. I got in on the bid and didn’t really expect to get filled since it just kept going. It pulled back and I got lucky.

I seriously cannot believe how perfectly I timed my entry and exit. I got in at the breakout level perfectly and I had my sell at $2.60 but didn’t get filled even though it tapped that level. It got rejected there so I moved my order down a little and got out. Absolutely no hesitation on this trade. I said to my friend: “I’m getting in $ETRM as soon as it breaks out”. I did and it worked perfectly.

I would love to size up on trades like these but I’m not ready to take on more risk yet.

$ETRM 1 minute candles


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