Watchlist - 10/18/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Because this is a merger I’m not sure if I trust it.

Float: 10.80M
Short: 5.34%


Ran into the close on news. I didn’t have TWS open at the time, but there was a nice pull back to $4.00 that would have worked perfectly. I guess with some of these moves based on news coming out you have to just chase them, and as long as you’re early it’s pretty safe.

Float: 5.40M
Short: 3.92%


I did not expect it to run as much as it did. It ran into a massive 200,000/share sell wall at $5.00. Crazy volume too.

Float: 123.58M
Short: 6.25%


Long term chart isn’t terrible. It’s had several green days in a row in the past which is always good. Possible resistance at $18.00, $18.75, and $19.40. It poked through $19.40 up to $19.50 during premarket. That level seems significant so I’ll set an alert for that level. Looks like a 5c tick so it could be annoying to trade.

Have to remember that NASDAQ breakouts are often choppy so when it does breakout wait for a pull back/re-test of the breakout level.

Float: 51.33M
Short: 7.84%


This stock has split in the past so I can’t really tell where resistance is other than around $17.20 which it is currently above. It definitely has momentum. Possible breakout over $20.00 (premarket high).

Float: 85.86M
Short: 10.38%


Long term chart is not very good and it’s selling off premarket now. I don’t think there will be enough volume for me to want to trade it.

Float: 2.47M
Short: 3.02%

Watchlist Review

I wasn’t expecting to trade today since I didn’t really see anything that I liked during premarket. $SPPI had a really awesome breakout but before I could even buy it went up 50c in one second. It dipped and re-tested the $20.00 breakout level and ran $1.00 again. I wasn’t sure about it since it goes up and down 50c instantly which is kind of scary.

I kept watching $OPTT for a while and waited for it to break the high of the day at $2.45. It eventually did and once again I got in on the bid perfectly at the breakout level. It got up to $2.54 but was struggling so much. I probably should have gotten out sooner but I wanted to give it some time. I ended up losing $1 because of commissions which is perfectly fine. It was worth trying at least.

I highlighted my entries and exits since I got out on a red bar and it’s difficult to see. I guess I panicked a little but I was completely in the right to cut the loss and get out! I think I’ll avoid this ticker in the future unless it gets huge volume and starts making big moves.

$OPTT 1 minute candles

For some reason the massive chart trader window filled up the entire 1m chart so for a few seconds I couldn’t see what was happening. That was pretty annoying.


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