Watchlist - 10/30/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

I missed about 1.5 weeks due to a terrible sleep schedule, but I’ve still been checking in on the market each day.


Nice run up on Friday breaking $3.70 resistance but didn’t hold its gains too well. Watching over $3.70, $4.23, and $4.38. Long term chart is pretty awful. Not doing much premarket so it might not do anything today.

Float: 13.87M
Short: 0.21%


Spiked on Friday due to a Bitcoin trading announcement. Looks like a failed breakout over $7.35. Not much volume over the initial spike. Kind of choppy.

Float: 37.01M
Short: 10.77%


Up on earnings forecast. Not sure how to play this since the earnings have not actually come out yet. Awful long term chart.

Float: 222.01M
Short: 9.86%


Spiking on revenue news. Sold off 25c so not sure about it. Resistance at $3.75.

Sphere 3D Corp - preliminary net revenue for Q3 of FY 2017 expected to exceed $21.5 million, representing a 16 percent increase

Float: 3.51M
Short: 11.19%


Waiting for it to bottom so I can start a longer term position in E-Trade. It has some support in the $11.30s but I feel like it could tank more.

Float: 940.29M
Short: 15.80%


Terrible long term chart and a little too low priced so probably won’t trade it.

Float: 6.11M
Short: 0.70%

Watchlist Review

I watched $ENDP sell off at the open really fast. It bottomed and I thought about dip buying but I didn’t think it’d go up much so I didn’t get in.

$SPCB had a delayed spike and I was watching the pull back. It could have been good but I would have had to sell immediately since it got rejected twice in the low 4s. It sold off hard after that second attempt. Pretty significant support at $3.60 but I just don’t trust it with that huge sell off and it not being able to break past $3.70s now. Conference call at 10:00 AM thanks to ToS. Definitely don’t want to buy into that.

I didn’t really like anything premarket so I wasn’t expecting to trade. I really liked the risk/reward on $ENDP for the dip buy but wasn’t sure about it.


I am not a registered financial adviser/broker/anything. Use this information for entertainment/informational purposes only. Any tickers mentioned are not recommendations to buy/sell/or sell short. They are used as examples only.