Watchlist - 10/31/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Yet again I am not seeing anything really great.


Saw it yesterday after it made the two pull backs and the $9.00 breakout. It was pretty much the only strong stock I saw. I’m not seeing any news for it. Possible support at $9.50, $9.35, $9.20, and $8.66.

Float: 64.01M
Short: 0.06%


This stock has been in play a lot. Resistance at $3.00, $3.38, $4.00, $4.15.

Float: 222.55M
Short: 15.06%


Terrible long term chart. Losses almost every single quarter. Resistance near $2.35, $2.55, and possibly $2.77.

Float: 158.38M
Short: 17.90%


Long term chart isn’t the greatest. Some support near $1.40 with resistance at $1.75 and $2.15. Rejected off $1.75 during premarket so that looks significant.

Float: 21.87M
Short: 3.36%


Earnings beat. Resistance near $22.00. Higher float and higher price. Hard to say what it will do. Conference call at 9:00 AM so probably won’t trade it due to that.

Float: 350.40M
Short: 6.05%


Still waiting for it to bottom. It had a nice bounce off $10.65 yesterday that I kind of wanted to buy but I still feel like it has more downside.

Float: 940.29M
Short: 15.80%

Watchlist Review

Today seems like a terrible day to be long biased. Nothing strong and easy to trade.

I was looking to dip buy $RCII near $10.10 (at prior close) but it felt so weak and I didn’t know the details of the conference call; therefore I cannot know why it tanked in the first place.

$AMD finally bounced. Hopefully it’ll just consolidate in the low $11s so there’s multiple opportunities to dip buy.


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