Watchlist - 11/01/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year. This is ridiculous.


Probably the only strong penny stock from yesterday. I was a bit worried it would just fall due to the S-8 so I just sat by and watched. I still don’t trust it since it was a slow move up all day and there wasn’t an obvious setup that I recognized.

Possible support at $2.34, $2.15, and $1.85. Resistance at $2.72 and $2.93.

Float: 4.07M
Short: 0.36%


First green day in a while. I watched it spike into the close yesterday. There must be so many bag holders wanting to get out from that big run. I have a hard time trusting this stock. It’s up some premarket so it could continue today.

Float; 5.85M
Short: 29.74%


Had a nice bounce off $8.70 support yesterday that I missed. I’ll be watching to see if it hits that level again for a dip buy.

Float: 64.01M
Short: 0.06%


Support seems to have formed near $2.80. Just like $XNET, I’ll be watching for a dip buy there.

Float: 123.07M
Short: 6.89%


Terrible long term chart. Looks like it has some support nere $0.92 and resistance near $1.35. Probably going to ignore it since there’s insane resistance every 10c up. If it can get to support and bounce then maybe but you have to buy at least 1,000 shares otherwise you’re only buying $92 worth of stock with 100.

Float: 62.84M
Short: 0.94%


Most spikes fail so I won’t consider it unless there’s a ton of volume.

Float: 5.94M
Short: 11.28%


Just popped up on the scanner. Long term chart is pretty bad as usual. Possible resistance at $2.10 and $2.25 then $3.00. Some support near $1.50/$1.55. It’s looking kind of strong so we’ll see what it does at the open.

Float: 9.10M
Short: 7.81%


Seems like a bottom is forming in the high $10s/low $11s so I may try to load up some there today in E-Trade, if it gets low enough.

Float: 940.29M
Short: 15.80%

Watchlist Review

I missed the perfect $XNET dip buy right at the open. The spreads were about 10c so I didn’t get in. Could have been a 40c/share+ winner.

$LBIX started running out of nowhere and I missed the first pull back so I didn’t chase it.

$TRXC bottomed at $2.80 support. Spreads were good but the volume was crap. I should have just bought at $2.82 and risked it cracking $2.80. Not a big move but it would have been great for practicing dip buys.

I dip bought $AMD in E-Trade at $11.03 since it seems to have some support there and near $10.80/$10.90. It’s a longer term position so I can handle some bad days. If I had been more patient I could have gotten in lower. It’s tough because you watch it tank to $11 then bounce and on the second dip I get in thinking it’ll bounce. It does but of course tanks more.


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