Watchlist - 11/02/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


First big up day after a sell off. Support seems to have formed around $1.90. I don’t see any news. It just sort of spiked out of nowhere.

Float: 2.11M
Short: 7.43%


Crazy day yesterday. I missed the dip buy at the open and the support buy near $8.92. Still not recent news. Possible support at $10.50.

Float: 64.01M
Short: 0.06%


Support has formed around $2.15. It was a bit illiquid yesterday though.

Float: 4.07M
Short: 0.36%


Support seems to have formed around $9.70 - bounced off it twice.

Float: 5.85M
Short: 29.74%


Earnings loss but is gapping up. If the short percent is still accurate, it has a huge potential for a squeeze. Possible resistance at $7.50 (could act as support now), $8.20, $8.75, $9.50, and $9.80.

Float: 17.03M
Short: 79.16%


Recent reverse split with Bitcoin news. Not really possible to determine support/resistance because of the split. Possibly get in on pull backs if it’s strong.

Float: 22.57M
Short: 7.64%

Watchlist Review

Once again I missed the $XNET dip buy and then again at $12.10 consolidation support. Not a big move after that but it would have been nice to at least attempt it.

Whole market kind of sold off a bit so maybe that’s why I didn’t see anything super strong. I liked $PYDS but it trades so slowly I can’t tell what it’s doing for some reason. $SPWR had a nice squeeze and consolidated above $8.00 which I didn’t get in either.


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