Watchlist - 11/08/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Greek shippers are still kind of hot. The only good one yesterday was $RLOG.

I’ve started working on a high of day scanner using the C# TWS API. If it works well, I’ll put the source on GitHub.


Earnings yesterday. Gapped up afterhours and is up some premarket at the moment. Terrible long term chart, but it has gone supernova in the past. I actually remember watching this in the TimAlerts chatroom and Tim said something about the shorts having to look for food behind a dumpster. Possible resistance at $4.20.

Float: 8.90M
Short: 20.41%


I posted the chart for this one yesterday. It went supernova intraday and was really crazy. I looked at the chart in IB and at the time it looked so terrible with barely any trades going through. In ToS it looked fine so I wasn’t sure what was going on with it. It held most of its gains but ended kind of midrange.

Float: 3.25M
Short: 2.09%


This one is always choppy. It’s up after hours and some during premarket. Possible resistance at $4.40 and $4.50.

Float: 4.61M
Short: 6.57%


Starting to gap up in premarket. It has the potential to keep running.

Shares outstanding: 7.92M


Earnings. Long term chart is really bad. Possible resistance at $3.05, $3.25, and $3.80.

Float: 35.84M
Short: 4.50%


Huge volume during premarket. Long term chart is very choppy. Not sure about this one since it has already traded 3.3M+ shares during premarket alone.

Float: 27.94M
Short: 2.06%

Watchlist Review

I watched $ONCS at the open for a breakout over $2.45. It kept rejecting $2.40 and then broke down.

$VRX popped up and squeezed with hardly any pullbacks. When I saw it it was already at its highs.

$FRTA was looking pretty good for a high of day break. I didn’t get in because it kind of felt like low volume. It squeezed from $6.30 to $6.90 then up to $7.48. That would have been a great winner with a small position. I left it alone and later saw in thinkorswim that there was a conference call scheduled at 10:00 AM. I had no idea until after it moved up.

Market is down a bit this morning so that could be why there wasn’t anything too great so far. The good news is that my high of day scanner seems to be working but it needs some tweaking - it’s the reason I saw $VRX today.

[10:36:26] $MRO: LOW 15.68
[10:36:26] $WLL: LOW 6.67
[10:36:26] $EVRI: LOW 8.69
[10:36:27] $DRIP: HIGH 14.14
[10:36:28] $SEAS: HIGH 12.04
[10:36:34] $P: LOW 4.88
[10:36:52] $TWTR: LOW 19.46

and later:

[10:59:34] $EVRI: LOW 8.87
[10:59:52] $VRX: HIGH 15.16
[10:59:54] $VRX: HIGH 15.17
--- 11:00 AM ---
[11:00:02] $VRX: HIGH 15.18


I am not a registered financial adviser/broker/anything. Use this information for entertainment/informational purposes only. Any tickers mentioned are not recommendations to buy/sell/or sell short. They are used as examples only.