Watchlist - 11/09/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

I’ll be testing my IBhod scanner all day now that I fixed a few bugs that I had during yesterday’s premarket.

Greek shippers are done for now. $TOPS is back under $1/share. $DCIX formed a nice looking cup but it wouldn’t have been easy to trade.

There seems to be quite a few afternoon spikers that pop up around 2:00 - 3:00 PM. I’ll have to watch for those today and buy pullbacks.


Crazy squeeze yesterday after a recent reverse split. It’s up again premarket so it could keep going even though it closed kind of weak like $DCIX before. Extremely low float if it is correct. $8.00 could act as support.

Float: 0.66M
Short: 1.73%


Q3 earnings + positive drug news. Currently up over 100% premarket. Massive gap from $21 down to $6.10. It’s struggling with that range during premarket so possibly wait for a convincing breakout over $6.10.

Float: 30.22M
Short: 3.31%


Earnings yesterday then a conference call where I wanted to buy at. Turns out my entry would have been fine all day. I have $8.00 marked as support/resistance from a while ago. That level looks important. Possible support at $7.45.

Float: 63.61M
Short: 5.76%


Recent earnings winner. I missed the dip buy on this on day 1 and did not chase it.

Float: 3.25M
Short: 2.09%


Earnings + contract and is up somewhat during premarket. Terrible long term chart. Possible resistance at $2.50 and $3.00.

Float: 6.10M
Short: 7.22%


Starting to panic premarket. Down from the $12s yesterday to $11.35 so far. If it panics enough I might be able to get filled in E-Trade around $10.80. That probably won’t happen for a few more days.

Float: 940.31M
Short: 15.80%

Watchlist Review

I was watching $OTIC and it looked like it was bottoming and I saw support on the level 2 at $4.60 / $4.65 but I didn’t buy. It’s up to $5.25+ now. That would have been a great trade. I looked at yesterday’s chart and at that area there was a little resistance which then acted as support.

I saw $TRXC starting to move up. I bought over premarket highs with a risk down to $2.80. Risk/reward was pretty solid. I wanted to sell over $3.00 but it had no momentum left, so I sold into $2.93 when I saw a big seller wall and less buyers on the level 2. It crashed down to $2.77 but rebounded a little. I won’t re-enter again since it’s so illiquid. It actually took a second or two to get out which was really strange. It definitely looks illiquid in TWS.

$TRXC is the stock that had a gigantic 500,000/share seller at $5.00 when it went parabolic a few weeks ago.

$TRXC 1 minute candles

I didn’t see anything crazy pop up near the end of the day except $RTNB. It sort of popped up around 1:00 PM with no volume then got halted on the way up. It later spiked around 3:00 PM and got halted twice on the way up again. The high of day break buy could have worked but it’s too sketchy.


$CREG was the supernova for today and it crashed into the close. The spreads this morning were 20-30c at times. I can’t trade those safely.


I am not a registered financial adviser/broker/anything. Use this information for entertainment/informational purposes only. Any tickers mentioned are not recommendations to buy/sell/or sell short. They are used as examples only.