Watchlist - 11/10/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Once again I’ll be testing my IBhod scanner and tweaking it.


Went supernova yesterday and closed way off its highs like $KBSF the day before. It’s up some premarket just like $KBSF was but it might just fade off into oblivion. Hard to trade due to the spread.

Float: 4.09M
Short: 0.34%


Watching for a possible dip buy near $1.80.

Float: 27.94M
Short: 2.06%


Spiked nicely yesterday but I really don’t trust it.

Shares outstanding: 7.92M


Impressive all day uptrend with a really nice dip buy opportunity yesterday. Possible breakout over $9.20 or support at $7.70. However, there appears to be resistance right where it topped so that could be a problem if it gets near $10.00.

Float: 17.98M
Short: 31.28%


I saw this on day 1 but wasn’t sure and there ended up being a conference call. Now watching it over $8.50 or a possible dip buy near $7.45. It filled most of the gap of the recent drop. $9.20 looks to be the next major resistance level then it’s another big gap fill.

Float: 63.61M
Short: 5.76%

Watchlist Review

Didn’t really see anything great at the open. $OMER popped up and squeezed from $16 to $18.80. I almost bought the whole dollar break at $18.00 but hesitated and just wasn’t sure. Felt risky for some reason. It ended up squeezing to $19+ and that would have been a great winner.

$ONP got halted and I was alerted when it resumed thanks to my scanner. I saw it bottoming near $1.75 but I just couldn’t buy. It got up to $2.30 which was an awesome squeeze.

I traded $WATT today and screwed up my orders so I bought at $9.29 for a breakout over the previous day, then I went to go put a sell out around $9.50 and I got filled immediately. What? I looked at my orders and bought 100 shares twice! I thought about just bag holding half since I had 1 day trade left and two buys and two sells would probably lock my account.

As you can see from the chart I had two buys/sells. I would never want to buy twice so close together like that since there was not enough time to know if the breakout was solid or not. I panicked when it started failing and I meant to sell 200 all at once but that’s obviously not what happened.

It dropped so quickly I had no time to do anything. If my correct sell order had been put up higher I would have been easily able to get out for a $15-$20 loss max.

IB PDT Reset. If I get flagged with the PDT then I’ll attempt a reset but if I’m not eligible then I will deposit more funds. Losses suck but botched orders feel so much worse.

It later consolidated around $8.95 and re-tested the highs then actually broke out and got up to $9.81. If I had held it would have been a profit but I would have had to risk so much pain if it had dropped lower to $8.50 or $8.00. It could have been a $100 win with the botched 200 share order. If I timed it well I would have sold break even or into $9.50.

$WATT 1 minute candles


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