Watchlist - 11/17/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

I decided to take most of the week off so I could wait for funds to finish transferring to IB to get out of the PDT. I missed an insane amount of supernovas this week. It’s now Friday so we could see it get more insane today or it might die down a bit.

Shippers are getting hot again today. I don’t know if I’ll trade today or not but I want to at least watch the open for a little while.


Finally has some type of catalyst. Really nice breakout over $14.00 resistance yesterday. There was even a re-test down to $14.15. Possible dip buy down to that level or multiday breakout over $15.45. This one is kind of tricky due to the annoying spreads.

Shares outstanding: 47.64M


Terrible long term chart. Gap fill up to around $2.00 - $2.20. $1.59 looks to be resistance.

Float; 42.66M
Short: 12.48%


Currently up premarket. I really don’t like trading this stock due to how volatile it can be. $TOPS, $DRYS, $GLBS, and $SINO are all starting to pick up as well.

Float: 0.76M
Short: 48.61%


I’m grouping these since they are supernovas from yesterday and they’re from Tim’s watchlist. It’ll be tough to buy at support - if there even is any. Basically, I’ll be looking for high of day breaks if they get crazy again.

Watchlist Review

I decided not to trade since I stayed up all night working on the IBhod scanner so I’m pretty tired.

I almost got in $XNET anyway since it was a perfect premarket highs breakout buy. Decided against it and there was a big wall at $15.90. That broke too which would have been another great high of day break.

$DCIX was the main shipper that went nuts today. The others kind of just faded with no real spikes. The other recent supernovas didn’t really do anything.

$EKSO would have been a fantastic dip buy when it broke back over prior close around 9:50 AM.

$AMD spiked today on a takeover rumor. Buy the rumor sell the news.

$XNET was the main one I wanted to get in today since it setup perfectly. I would have liked to dip buy it - which is something I need to work on. It’s been about 30 minutes so I think I’ll get some sleep. So many halts today.


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