Watchlist - 11/20/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Recent supernovas faded off their highs on Friday. $DCIX was really the only one worth trading that day. Not seeing a whole lot up today that looks good.


Really nice morning spike on Friday. I missed the red/green dip buy so I didn’t chase it. Still watching for a breakout over $2.65 / $2.68.

Float: 23.04M
Short: 10.06%


Closed red on Friday so not sure what it will do today. It tends to keep coming back. It broke out over $16.65 during premarket so it looks to have some strength.

Float: 64.01M
Short: 1.37%


Always crazy volatile. I would not want to stay for more than 50c-$1/share gain. Highly unlikely that I will trade it - too risky.

Shares outstanding: 0.61M

Watchlist Review

Both $EKSO and $XNET had perfect breakouts but I just could not buy either of them. $XNET is always choppy and has bad spreads. $EKSO was easier but it had a weird crack at the open down to $2.00 then slowly grinded up on low volume. I just didn’t trust the breakout on that one and every cent higher was another wall to break.

$DCIX ran at the open before cracking hard. Too volatile for me to play.

$SRAX is starting to show signs of life again so it could be one to watch for tomorrow.


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