Watchlist - 11/21/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Still going ham day after day. I feel like it’s starting to get way over extended now.

Float: 64.01M
Short: 1.37%


First big up day in a while. Significant resistance at $4.75.

Float: 6.48M
Short: 14.14%


Bitcoin play. Terrible gap down a few years ago. Gap fill from ~$10 up to ~$16. Resistance near $11.15. Multiday breakout over $11.17. The chart on finviz does not seem accurate.

Float: 2.28M
Short: 18.35%


Another gap up in premarket. I would have loved to dip buy it yesterday after that weird drop but I just couldn’t get in.

Float: 23.04M
Short: 10.06%

Watchlist Review

I pulled the trigger on $SRAX when it went red/green but was too slow so I didn’t get filled. It dipped back to my entry but I had already canceled the order. It would have worked pretty well.

$XNET and $RIOT both have terrible spreads so I can’t trade them. I was watching $RIOT for a red/green move like $SRAX but the spreads were like 50c. It squeezed from $10.40 to $12.89. Crazy.


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