Watchlist - 11/22/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Market is closed tomorrow and then a half day on Friday.


Yesterday it dipped perfectly to prior close and bounced. I’ll be looking for that same setup again if it gets down to $4.21 and starts to bounce. After the initial spike it tends to fade and get choppy.

Float: 6.48M
Short: 14.14%


Spiked on earnings. It took a couple days to really move but yesterday it went up $2/share. Some possible resistance at $8.75 and $9.90. Potential dip buy at $7.75 or $7.50 if it drops enough near the open. I have $7.75 marked as long term resistance which seems significant (could now be support).

Float: 31.27M
Short: 1.03%


Still running. Unbelievable move. Possible resistance at $4.90 / $5.00 then it looks like there is room up to $6.40. It’s hard to justify buying now that it’s up so much. This could turn into a short squeeze if it keeps going.

Float: 23.04M
Short: 10.06%


Still watching from yesterday. Spreads were terrible so I was not able to get in on the morning dip. Possible support at $11.17.

Float: 2.28M
Short: 18.35%


Seems really strong today but every single spike has failed in the past so I really do not want to buy it. Shares did pop up earlier in IB but only for a minute. Whoever took them is probably $2+/share under water now. I feel like it might crash right at the open. Very low float.

It broke the 52 week high over $10.70 by a few cents. I can’t really justify buying unless it continues to be very strong at the open.

Float: 1.38M
Short: 11.64%

Watchlist Review

$CLNT dropped pretty much immediately. The whole move was made during premarket and was just unsustainable.

$FENG had a small opportunity at $7.50 up to $7.70 but I just wasn’t confident enough in it even though there were some big buyers.

$RIOT, wasn’t really watching it much until after it started curling up. Hard to trade because of the spreads.

$SRAX, stopped watching it after a few minutes since there wasn’t much volume.

I set an alert on $CLSN at $2.91 for a possible dip buy at prior close. It just didn’t get low enough for me to feel comfortable buying it so I didn’t. It had a decent bounce though.

I finally managed a dip buy. I watched $EKSO panic down below prior close and then started to bottom around $3.90 / $4.00. I got in as it broke over $4.00 because whole numbers are usually significant and I saw buyers come in on the L2 when it got over that level.

I actually predicted Tim’s trade and did not see his alert until after I was out.

$EKSO 1 minute candles


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