Watchlist - 11/24/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Last half day I was here for there was not much going on. It could be the same today but you also have the wannabe traders around due to Thanksgiving and it’s also a Friday.


Recent earnings with a huge spike and breakout over $2.30. Possible resistance at $2.50 / $3.20 / $3.60. Going really big in premarket so possible resistance at $4.50 and $5.20. Premarket support at $3.10 and $3.30.

This stock split recently so previous support/resistance levels may not matter.

Float: 5.64M
Short: 10.23%


I missed the perfect midday breakout over $4.60 yesterday. Possible support at $5.50 / $5.75 / $6.50 now that it’s over that breakout level.

Float: 6.48M
Short: 14.14%


I dip bought this yesterday and predicted Tim’s trade. I didn’t think about dip buying it again at all since I was happy with the win.

Float: 23.04M
Short: 10.06%


I’ve set an alert near prior close at $24.00 but I won’t really be watching it. It always has terrible spreads. I still think it’s getting way over extended and will eventually crash like $HMNY earlier.

Float: 64.01M
Short: 1.37%


Just started popping up. It’s struggling to get through recent peaks at $3.69 and $3.74.

Float: 9.86M
Short: 6.25%

Watchlist Review

A lot of crazy moves today. All of the stocks on the watchlist did something.

$SRAX was a perfect dip buy down to prior close but I just couldn’t buy it since the risk would have been 20c or so. It was the one I was really watching once it started dipping.

$EKSO had a nice panic around 9:55. I watched a bunch of buyers come in on the level 2 around $3.17. I thought about it but I was really looking for another leg down to the low $3s. The bounce was pretty weak so it wouldn’t really have been worth it.

Later $EKSO did get down to $3 and I was waiting for it to go back above since that is the same strategy I used before. I saw a massive 100K buyer exactly at $3.00 when it broke back above. I just don’t really trust it going far since the previous bounce was terrible and it doesn’t seem that volatile.


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