Watchlist - 11/27/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

There were some unbeliveable moves on the half day. Most of the stocks are panicking premarket. This watchlist is going to be a little weird since everything is dropping significantly.


Always choppy. Selling off premarket. Could have some support at $22.

Float: 64.44M
Short: 1.36%


Selling off premarket. Possible support at $6.00.

Float: 6.48M
Short: 14.14%


Massive gap up on Friday. Hit a high of $29.42 premarket and sold off 10 points. It may have some support at $18.50 / $18.65 which is the morning dip from yesterday. Seems to be holding premarket at the moment.

Float: 2.28M
Short: 18.35%


Selling off premarket. Possible $6.50 support which held near EOD on Friday.

Shares outstanding: 3.21M


Breakout over ~$3.20. Long term chart is really choppy. Not a lot of volume premarket but it is up and has a catalyst. I’ve set an alert for $3.55 so I can see if it re-tests prior close and bounces.

Float: 71.84M
Short: 4.68%


Tim has this on his watchlist today for a possible dip buy. I’ll watch it but not sure if it will do anything since it has almost no trades during premarket.

Float: 23.04M
Short: 10.06%

Watchlist Review

$XNET, $RIOT, and $MARA were all too volatile for me to try and play.

$DPW popped up and I saw a big wall at $3.00. I was thinking about getting in but as soon as it broke it squeezed 10c+. So, not very easy. It later dropped to the premarket lows and I was about ready to buy at $2.03 but it bounced too quickly and I had no way of getting in without chasing. A few cents doesn’t really matter but I hate taking on more risk because I didn’t get a good entry. It rebounded back up towards $3.00 - huge move.

$SRAX, I really wanted to buy on the dip near $6.40. The spreads were crappy and the risk would have been 20c+ so I didn’t want to get in. It rebounded up to $7.00 but could not break it. I’m waiting to see if it gets over that level later in the day but probably not.

Tim dip bought $EKSO today and his plan worked perfectly to sell into prior close. I just didn’t really trust it since the panic wasn’t that big. It actually broke that level at $2.90 and got up towards $3.20 later. Pretty crazy.

Later I saw $XNET drop to $23.00 which seemed like support from earlier in the day. It held perfectly but it spiked before I could put an order to buy at ~$23.03. Decent bounce up to $23.39 but nothing huge.


I am not a registered financial adviser/broker/anything. Use this information for entertainment/informational purposes only. Any tickers mentioned are not recommendations to buy/sell/or sell short. They are used as examples only.