Watchlist - 11/28/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Finally starting to dump. Yesterday was the first big red day. I thought about shorting 25 shares overnight but the risk felt high if it gapped up - even with small share size. It got as low as $16 so that would have worked out perfectly. IB has like 2M shares available to short.

Looking for a dip buy near $16 or a short at prior close $21.01.

Float: 64.44M
Short: 1.36%


Fresh news catalyst. Seems to have rejected off the closing price from a few days ago during premarket.

Float: 6.48M
Short: 14.14%


I have resistance marked at $1.59 and $1.65. It has rejected that level during premarket. Possible gap fill up to $2.00 / $2.20 if it breaks out.

Float: 38.50M
Short: 13.82%


Rejected off $4.00 yesterday so I’m looking to see if it does the same again. I almost shorted this a few weeks/months ago near $4.20 but chickened out.

Shares outstanding: 150.92M
Float: 11.14M
Short: 18.45%


Huge red day yesterday. Possible support at $4.30 / $4.50 with $5.20 being resistance.

Shares outstanding: 3.21M


This stock is pretty choppy. Looks to have support near $1.05.

Float: 11.35M
Short: 13.30%

Watchlist Review

A lot of sell offs today, again. I tried dip buying $MARA expecting once it got over $4.50 to just keep going. It didn’t and I got in too high and ended up with a 24c loss. I really struggle with buying into weakness because what prevents it from going lower when there’s a ton of selling pressure? I guess $MARA, $SRAX, and $XNET are all just choppy stocks with awful spreads so they aren’t easy to trade. It’s tough to avoid them when they’ve made big moves recently.

Tim traded $GLNNF today after it had a huge panic. I looked at the chart and really liked what I saw but I didn’t want to follow the alert. It would have worked out amazingly well.

$XNET had a nice run over $17.10. I kind of wanted to get in but it’s one of those terrible spread stocks. Later it kept rejecting off $18.21 so I thought about shorting at $18.15 risking over that level. It’s a good thing I didn’t do that because as soon as it hit $18.21 it squeezed to almost $19.00. Probably short stops getting taken out.

I started watching $CREG and almost got in for the high of day break. It rejected and came down to around $3.70. I didn’t want to buy there since the better entry would have been when it held $3.55 twice. I’ve seen that happen a lot and really need to start buying there.

$MARA 1 minute candles


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