Watchlist - 11/29/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Yesterday I lost on $MARA so I’m a little hesitent to trade it again.


Very choppy yesterday with huge resistance at $4.50 which may act as support now that it has bounced off that key level. I’ll be waiting to see if it dips twice to a price range and bounces which would be at/near support. It’s a much safer entry but difficult to notice at times. Already traded 1.2M+ shares of volume premarket.

Shares outstanding: 3.21M


Terrible long term chart. Possible support at $2.10 / $2.15. Some resistance at $2.50, $2.90, and $3.65.

Float: 12.95M
Short: 14.58%


Pretty big run yesterday on no news. Yesterday I was thinking it might be a good overnight hold since it’s the first green day. It didn’t really hold near the highs very well so I would not have tried it anyway. Resistance at $4.16 and $4.72. Probably won’t trade it since there’s no catalyst but I do want to watch it.

Float: 4.09M
Short: 0.26%


Almost got in this a few days ago at $3 for the breakout and $2.03 for the dip buy. Possible premarket support at $1.50 and resistance near $1.60.

Float: 10.35M
Short: 6.89%

Watchlist Review

Again everything was pretty choppy. Nothing really that great. Pretty big $SPY and $QQQ drop around 10:10 AM.

$MARA held $4.70 twice and bounced but still very choppy.

$CAPR got close to $2.15 support but just didn’t do much after.

$CREG sort of had a red/green move but was low volume so I didn’t touch it.

$DPW tanked then held $1.60 support twice. Big resistance at $1.80.

  • I decided to get in $TRXC since there’s crazy support at $2.10 that also held the previous day. It’s extremely slow so I’ll have to give it time. Relatively low risk. Looking for a bounce up towards $2.20 or $2.30 which is what it did yesterday. Nothing huge.

  • If there’s no bounce by end of day I’ll get out with a $2 or so loss or a small gain. Reward is higher than the risk.

  • No bounce so I got out flat. Simply no buyers like there were yesterday.

$TRXC 5 minute candles


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