Watchlist - 12/01/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Small gap down to support. I’ll wait and see if it can get to $10.70 and start bouncing.

Float: 958.48M
Short 16.17%


Gapping up a little bit premarket. Seems to be holding $14.00 which may act as support similarly to how it held $11.00 yesterday morning.

Float: 64.44M
Short: 1.36%


Uptrended most of the day yesterday. I’ll be looking for a big morning panic to dip buy.


Watching for a continuation today. $7.40 was big resistance yesterday which seems to be support now with ~$7.70 now acting as resistance.

Float: 27.08M
Short: 9.25%


$6.72 multiday breakout yesterday. Seems like it finally filled the gap from April 2016. Not sure about it so I’ll just watch until I see a setup.

Float: 13.59M
Short: 4.10%


Gapping up premarket. Really nice dip buy opportunity at $1.50 yesterday. Possible resistance at $1.80, $1.94, and obviously $2.00.

Float: 10.35M
Short: 6.89%

Watchlist Review

Today is choppy again.

$AMD did what I wanted but I wasn’t sure if it’d go lower or not so I didn’t buy at $10.76. It later dropped to about where I wanted so I got in. Plan is to hold for a few hours at least and sell into ~$10.88. It’s fairly slow and choppy so it can be a bit nerve wracking watching it.

Tiny bounce but I just can’t be bothered to sit through another crash so I got out at $10.81 for a puny gain. I’m thinking it might start going later today but it’s just brutal.

I’m really happy with the entry but my exit could use some work. I should have sold into one of the green bars near $10.85. It’s only a few pennies so it’s not a big deal.

$AMD 1 minute candles


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