Watchlist - 12/07/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Most of the Bitcoin/blockchain spikers are dying down. I’ve wanted to trade them but they’re always too volatile.


It’s been doing the exact same thing every day. Support at $9.70 / $9.80. Yesterday’s bounce was weaker with resistance at $10.05. Not sure if it’ll even be that strong after the next drop.

Float: 958.48M
Short: 18.06%


Earnings winner. Long term chart is pretty bad so it could have lots of sellers. Big resistance at $11.60 (big volume on that last spike). Could have support at $10.90, $10.75, or $10.50.

Float: 19.46M
Short 29.69%


Dump into the close on denied Amazon rumors. The Bitcoin hardware they are selling already exists on the market and can be bought elsewhere. No shares in IB and it’s down too much for it to be worth it. Could have some support at $2.65 but I wouldn’t want to dip buy this stock.

Float: 11.56M
Short: 6.10%


Tim keeps dip buying this one and it seems to work out pretty well. There’s not that much volume so you have to wait and see if it bottoms somewhere before getting in. It held $4.05 yesterday really well and then $4.22.

Float: 4.27M
Short: 0.53%


Recent spiker. Possible support at $8.00 with resistance at $8.52. ~$7.60 held multiple times as well. Doesn’t seem crazy volatile but has decent range. I’ll watch it for a follow up spike over $8.52 (gap fill up to $9.00) or a morning panic.

Float: 62.25M
Short: 16.79%

Watchlist Review

I was way too tired to get up and trade so I’m writing this review later than usual.

$AMD had another dip buy opportunity but it didn’t get as low as I would have liked. It’s starting to do exactly what it did months ago when it had a huge drop down to $9.80. It dipped there a few times then eventually held above $10 and ended up spiking to $11 in a week.

$VRA was very choppy but ended up testing $10.90 support again and ran into the close very slowly. My alert went off for this and I was awake but I didn’t have TWS open to trade it.

$DPW was volatile and would have been difficult to trade. It made a head and shoulders with no clear indication of which way it was going to go until the drop.

$ASTC had low volume and just faded all day.

$DEPO was kind of choppy near the open but had a decent dip around 1:00 PM that retested the $8.20 resistance. That would have been a decent dip buy.


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