Watchlist - 12/11/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Still watching for a morning dip to $9.80.

Float: 958.48M
Short: 18.06%


Held all of its gains on Friday. I’m thinking this could breakout, but I’d like to dip buy it near $10.90 / $11.15 or $11.42 depending on how much support there is on the level 2.

Float: 19.76M
Short: 29.25%


Huge up day yesterday. This one is tricky since its breakouts always pullback. Have to dip buy it. Possible support at $8.73, $8.55, and $8.38.

Float: 19.17M
Short: 3.56%


Extreme low float stock that everyone is trading. Probably won’t trade it due to the volatility but sometimes it sets up nicely.

Float: 1.23M
Short: 0.15%


On watch again for a possible dip buy at $8.00. Support/resistance seems to work pretty well on this stock. To me it looks like it closed weak so it may take out support.

Float: 62.25M
Short: 16.79%


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