Watchlist - 12/12/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Bitcoin related stocks are back - most likely because of Bitcoin futures.


The new $PXS. Extreme low float spiker.

Float: 1.51M
Short: 4.10%


Held $11.42 support perfectly. There is significantly less volume than on the first gap up day.

Float: 19.76M
Short: 29.25%


$8.00 held perfectly as well but it didn’t quite get down there. $8.10 is close enough.

Float: 62.25M
Short: 16.79%


Watching for a possible multiday breakout over $24. It did get up to $29.42 but that was after hours so there was less volume and it’s not as significant. This one always has terrible spreads so it’s tricky.

Float: 5.19M
Short: 11.58%

Watchlist Review

$YTEN sold off immediately and did nothing all day.

$VRA broke over $11.85 resistance then retested and held perfectly. It crashed into the close so this one might be done.

$DEPO got down to $8.28 support from the previous day and bounced.

$RIOT broke out during premarket then retested the 9:31 AM morning low perfectly then bounced. This stock is insane and also difficult for me to trade.

$AMD dumped at the open and is finally below $9.90. Hopefully it gets lower so I can finally dip buy it.


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