Watchlist - 12/19/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Bitcoin. Huge crash premarket yesterday. Support at ~$1.94 and $1.66. Resistance at $4.00.

Float: 36.87M
Short: 0.54%


Bitcoin. I ignored this one yesterday and there were many easy opportunities. It pulls back to support frequently. Support at $4.65 / $3.92.

Float: 23.82M
Short: 3.05%


Support at $8.90 / $8.73. Resistance at $9.70. Dip buys only on this one.

Float: 19.45M
Short: 4.49%


Bitcoin related.

Float: 13.00M
Short: 0.44%


Close to a breakout near $1.75. It got over $2.00 during premarket so watching over that level. Next resistance point could be $2.50.

Float: 19.19M
Short: 10.45%


Energy development contract. This stock was pretty hot a few weeks ago. Could have some resistance at $4.00, $4.15, and $4.72.

Float: 4.09M
Short: 7.13%


Bitcoin related OTC stocks that ran big yesterday. Both had perfect dip buy opportunities. Since they’re up a lot already I will probably just watch them.

Watchlist Review

I finally made a trade after several weeks. Two today!

First I saw $DSS starting to crash and get down to $2.12 support. That broke a little but there was a huge buyer at $2.10. I got in at $2.11 and waited a few seconds to get filled. Some buyers came in above me within a few minutes which was great but it just ended up going sideways. I got out for a $1 profit. I wanted to sell near $2.21 which it ended up getting there eventually but I would have had to wait another 30 minutes and I would have had to suffer through the $2.10 crack.

$DSS 1 minute candles

Next, I saw $SSC starting to get close to $3.85 resistance. I saw a huge seller there earlier today. I was waiting for it to break that level so I could buy but it just wasn’t happening. As soon as I pressed the sell button the stock dropped about 10c and I was kind of sad. It ended up going right back and I got filled before I could cancel the order. I’m pretty sure that $4.85 seller is hiding their size since a few trades have gone through there and it does not move.

It finally broke later on and I was totally right about wanting to go long over that level. It got up to $5.00 before hitting another big wall. I could short it here at $4.99 and stop out when it starts getting taken but I don’t want to push my luck.

$SSC 1 minute candles


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