Watchlist - 12/21/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Crazy move yesterday. I’m not sure how I didn’t notice the $2.60 dip bounce and the $2.78 support level hold. Resistance at $4.15 then $5.80.

Float: 12.85M
Short: 8.77%


Earnings winner. Support at $3.43 and $3.81. Potential multiday breakout over $5.79. This looks like a relatively new ticker so there’s not really any overhead resistance which is a good thing.

Float: 2.84M
Short: 9.24%


First red day after a few green days. Potential dip buy if it can get down to $8.73 again or $8.25 / $8.03.

Float: 19.45M
Short: 4.45%


Still very volatile. Big wall at $6.10 yesterday. There were no shares at IB otherwise I may have shorted into $6.09 similarly how I did on the 19th.

Float: 23.82M
Short: 3.05%


Not sure about this one since it’s up a ton premarket. Could have a huge panic if there are a lot of bag holders. Some support at $9.00 and $8.00 during premarket.

Float: 5.15M
Short: 4.34%


Yesterday it didn’t really give an easy morning panic to dip buy. I watched it grind down and it wasn’t a fast panic like before. First red day so there might be some huge panic in the morning.

Watchlist Review

I saw $MGTI panicking perfectly and it looked like a bottom was forming so I bought at $5.76. No fill. It dropped to my price with the live order but I still didn’t get executed. Oh well.

$NXTD started squeezing and I wasn’t sure about trying to buy the break of $4.90. Saw huge sellers at $5.00 and when it rejected I decided to buy at $5.01 when it broke. It broke out and I clicked the buy button immediately. No fill again. I canceled it a few seconds later since it felt like I missed it and didn’t want to get filled on the way back down which is what happened to me on $MARA.

I missed the two good opportunities that I really liked but that’s OK since I would have been right on both and I even put live orders out.


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