Watchlist - 12/22/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum have all dumped quite a bit over the last day. I dip bought LTC at $301.01 thinking it’d bounce off $301.00 again but it didn’t. I should have sold into the bid when it started getting taken but I didn’t. I think it’s the fees the prevented me from doing so since it seems like a lot compared to the price paid for 1 LTC. Lots of support right at $200 and it clearly has the potential to go back up to my entry so I’m not that concerned.


I keep wanting to trade this but the spreads are always terrible and then it ends up bouncing 50c anyway. $8.73 has held multiple times now.

Float: 19.45M
Short: 4.45%


Went up so much the last few days. Some support at $4.30 and $4.15 / $4.00. Anyone still holding will probably dump their position at the open since it tanked all the way from $8.59 to $4.00.

Float: 12.85M
Short: 8.77%


Support at $2.60 / $2.50 / $2.25. It does not look very good during premarket at the moment.

Float: 17.10M
Short: 3.23%


Watching for another morning panic. It’s a Friday so the bounce could be pretty good.


Up a lot yesterday. Watching for a morning panic down to $3.60 or ~$3.35.

Watchlist Review

Really crazy today. I tried dip buying $MGTI but I could not get filled and then I could not cancel the order. Pretty sketchy. I was totally right about the bounce about to occur so at least I’m learning something about dip buying OTC stocks that panic in the morning.

$CANN also had a nice panic but it wasn’t as easy. I was trying to buy $MGTI so I missed it.

$MARK had lower volume and was choppy. It got down to where I wanted but it’s so hard for me to buy it. I just can’t.

I saw $SSC crash down to $4.00 with a huge buyer there. I was planning to buy at $4.01 but it just didn’t seem right for some reason. It bounced up to $4.55.

Morning panic dip buys seem to be working well but I have yet to nail one.


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