Watchlist - 12/26/2017

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Resistance/support at $3.70 and $3.00 / $2.90. This stock has split before. It looks like it usually sells off and closes red.

Shares outstanding: 1.89M


I missed the morning panic dip buy on Friday. Possible support at $4.80, $4.50, and $4.30. The daily wicks on this stock are hilariously bad. Not sure if I trust going long on it because of how many potential bag holders there could be.

Float: 12.83M
Short: 8.79%


Missed the dip buy on this one as well. It’s so obvious in hindsight. Possible support at $4.50 / $4.40 and $4.00. Triple top at $6.30

Float: 23.82M
Short: 3.05%


Ramped all day on Friday. Hopefully there will be another morning panic to dip buy. I need to place my orders 5c above the ask to get filled but I’m always too chicken.


Seems to always be choppy but ends up having massive squeezes midday. I have $9.86 as support from a while ago and that has held again.

Float: 19.45M
Short: 4.49%


Adding this one to the list because it’s under SSR and closed green on Friday. Possible support at $1.45 where it consolidated most of the day.

Float: 36.87M
Short: 0.54%


Orphan drug designation. Long term this stock has been in the dumps but this year it has been slowly uptrending most of the time. Resistance at $2.00 and $2.20. If it manages to break that my target would be $2.80 or $3.00. I just noticed it’s above those levels during premarket so we’ll see if it can hold those.

Float: 23.77M
Short: 2.05%

Watchlist Review

I didn’t really see much I liked until $MARK started dipping. It looked like it was about to squeeze and before I could do anything it spiked 20c. It’s too risky for me to buy when it’s spiking.

$APTO dipped nicely down to $2.05 but I only saw a 5,000/share buyer so I didn’t pull the trigger. I was expecting it to just dump some more. Pretty decent bounce up to $2.40 so far.


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