Watchlist - 01/02/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Pot stocks are coming back. Bitcoin and Litecoin have been in a slow downtrend the past week. LTC especially has been illiquid for a while. LTC is grinding back and hopefully continues uptrending.


$9.20 / $9.00 support. Long term chart is pretty bad. Ran into $10.35 resistance perfectly. Potential short if it can get near $10.35 again. Depends on how strong it acts.

Float: 24.99M
Short: 40.71%


Bitcoin. I believe this stock changed tickers in 2016. Never holds its spikes. I’ll see if it dumps more at the open for a possible bounce. I do not expect to trade it.

Float: 2.73M
Short: 2.63%


Still going strong.

Float: 19.19M
Short: 14.43%


Two weed OTC stocks. Watching for big panics to dip buy.


Another OTC stock. Awesome morning panic on Thursday. Not sure why this one was up. It honestly looks like a pump from the chart.

Watchlist Review

I waited and didn’t see much going on. $TEUM dropped to $2.25 and I almost dip bought but it just didn’t go anywhere. I watched $CANN run up then start to dump. I tried dip buying at $7.25 but did not get executed. I recognized the bottom perfectly. I’m good at recognizing the bottoms of huge panics on OTCs but I just can’t get executed. I think every single one I tried to dip buy I ended up being right but didn’t get filled.

Nothing that exciting so far.


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