Watchlist - 01/03/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


I missed the easy dip buy at $10.00 on this. It got up to $11.80 after hours. Watching for a dip down to $11.00.

Float: 24.99M
Short: 40.71%


Close to a breakout over $3.50.

Float: 106.37M
Short: 8.37%


Missed the dip buy on this yesterday. Possible support at $2.50 and $2.40. Level 2 seems useless on this stock so you have to go solely off support/resistance.

Float: 19.19M
Short: 14.43%


Watching again for morning panics. I tried to dip buy $CANN yesterday but I didn’t get filled. Both ramped back into the close so we could see an awesome panic soon.

Watchlist Review

Almost bought the first $TEUM dip when it got back over $3.00 but I wasn’t sure.

Tried to buy the panic on $TRVN at $1.95 but I canceled it 30s later because it just wasn’t doing anything and I didn’t want to get filled on the dump back down like $MARA. I looked at the previous day and $1.90 was resistance and I saw two hammer 1m candles + a tiny 5m candle forming. It was about to bounce.

On both I would have been right so at least I’m learning.

$CANN and $BUDZ are both running really strong now. I can’t wait to get a huge morning panic in the next few days.


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