Watchlist - 01/04/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Woke up kind of late so I didn’t really have time to add anything new that’s up during premarket.


Support around $2.97. It closed as a red shooting star. We could see some panic in the morning so I’m not sure about trying to dip buy it now. I am shorting it overnight in a paper trade account so we’ll see if I’m right - covered for a small loss in the paper trading account just so I don’t have to go back in and do it later. No further gap down. We’ll see what it does today.

Float: 19.19M
Short: 14.43%


Seems to pull back cleanly to prior resistance levels. I totally missed that yesterday. Huge volume on the third green day. Could be getting a little extended now.

Float: 24.99M
Short: 40.71%


All are up a ton now. Watching for big panics to dip buy.

Watchlist Review

Tried to buy $AMD for the next leg up since it was really strong. It tanked and I had to stop out. It got down lower to $12.10 then bounced to high of day. That’s what I would have liked to play. After I have a loss I just ignore it and don’t think about trading it again. I need to stop doing that.

I didn’t really see anything else. Some of the pot stocks had panics and OK bounces. Couldn’t get executed on any of them.

$AMD 1 minute candles


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