Watchlist - 01/24/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

I decided to resubscribe to Stocks to Trade. Last time I just had the $1 trial and didn’t really use it for very long. Mainly I just want the new high / news scanner. The performance on my Macbook seems to be better now so I could definitely use it instead of ToS if necessary.


Surprising spike yesterday. Watching for dips down to $2.75, $2.50, or $2.30.


Big move yesterday that grinded all day. I’ll watch it for a dip buy opportunity.

Float: 84.90M
Short: 9.59%


Breakout over $4.50 after hours. Could have some support at $5.40 and $5.00.

Float: 112.11M
Short: 6.98%


Lots of resistance near $10.00. Kind of choppy. Not really sure which support level will hold if it dips. It did have a really perfect bounce off VWAP yesterday which was cool to see.

Float: 17.16M
Short: 28.42%


More Blockchain news. The last few times it dumped into the open and didn’t do much. My friend alerted me to this one premarket before I had a chance to get STT setup. It had a nice move PM but I don’t expect it to do much at the open.


Acquisition news. Does not seem to ever hold its gains. Premarket support at $2.20 and resistance at $2.50.

One Horizon Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:OHGI) today announced that it has entered into an Exchange Agreement to acquire a majority interest in ONCE IN A LIFETIME LLC, d/b/a 123Wish.

Float: 9.17M
Short: 1.55%


Blockchain news. Long term chart is choppy. It has run for multiple days a few times but it’s always had low volume.

Float: 5.37M
Short: 7.33%

Watchlist Review

Most of my watchlist is red again today which is pretty annoying. I’m not liking this month so far.

$CERS held $5 pretty well then bounced. I wasn’t sure about it so I didn’t buy.

I saw $HIMX selling off for 30 minutes then bought the first 5m candle to make a new high. I basically top ticked it but that’s OK since there was plenty of support near $8.65 so the loss would be minimal no matter what. I guess technically it was the bottom but it never bounced so I got out when a large bid cracked. $9 loss after commissions. No big deal.

I’m pretty satisfied with that trade even though it didn’t work out. I stuck to my plan of getting out when I saw support get taken and only had a small loss.

(It’s almost down to $8.00 now – and that’s why you don’t bag hold when you’re wrong.)



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