Watchlist - 01/25/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Saw this starting to move after hours. I only noticed it because of STT. I missed the news scan so I wasn’t able to take a trade on it. $3.35 is the breakout level from a few days ago. Could have some support at $3.32.

Float: 11.32M
Short: 6.88%


My ToS alert went off yesterday since it was approaching a breakout level. I kind of wanted to short it initially since it was probably going to fail. It broke out by a few cents and I didn’t buy. It would have been an easy 30c winner. Currently no fresh news.

Float: 12.40M
Short: 11.69%


Close to a breakout over $0.61. I’ll still only take 100 shares if it breaks out since it’s an OTC and I don’t have any experience with actually being in an OTC stock.


After it broke over the resistance near $9.45 it was a great buying opportunity. I’ll have it on watch since it seems to be volatile every day.

Shelf news just came out. I would be surprised if it had any spikes today.

Float: 17.16M
Short: 28.42%


Watching for a break of $3.00 at the open. Bigger float so not sure how much of a breakout there will be. $2.77 is a multiday breakout but it’s above that during premarket. Not shortable in IB at the moment. Insane resistance at $2.95 on BATS/EDGE.

Float: 233.29M
Short: 32.38%


Huge move yesterday. Should have bought the 9:45 AM consolidation period with a risk of $15.50 - could have been a $1/share winner. There are a lot of bag holders in the $20 range and it hasn’t really had multiple big green days before so I doubt it’ll keep going.

Float: 31.01M
Short: 19.16%


Has previously made big moves but always closes low. Could be the first green day after a lot of red.

Float: 5.46M
Short: 0.49%

Watchlist Review

Didn’t see anything I liked until my $POTN alert went off and I saw it trying to break out several times. It finally did and I bought and managed to get executed instantly (ARCAEDGE). The breakout was 0.61 and I bought at 0.615. My sell did take a couple seconds which was kind of scary (MM). I know you have to get out before the crash otherwise you’ll be stuck.

I didn’t feel as nervous in this trade. Even though I took a bigger position, I still wasn’t really afraid.

$POTN 1 minute candles


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