Watchlist - 01/26/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Seems to be a bit choppy now but generally follows support lines pretty well. I’ll see if it can drop again to $2.75 or $2.50. Breakout over $4.45 if it really goes.


Monster move yesterday. It setup for an ABCD pattern in the morning but I was in $POTN and didn’t even look at $MNKD again until late in the day.

Float: 104.41M
Short: 31.12%


Big morning spike yesterday. Support at $6.00 / $5.90 / $5.62.

Has an ATM in the 8-K SEC filing from 12/12/2017.

Float: 12.40M
Short: 11.69%


Has made big moves before. Resistance at $2.52 and $3.40.

Float: 19.21M
Short: 19.47%


I bought the breakout on this yesterday and it worked perfectly. I didn’t even think about rebuying at the breakout level after I had sold. I’ve seen that work multiple times. I’ll see if it gives a panic to dip buy.


Weed stock that just announced blockchain news.

Joint venture Cannachain Technologies would leverage blockchain technology designed to achieve unprecedented seed-to-sale provenance, safety and efficiency for the legal cannabis industry

Watchlist Review

Tried dip buying $EMHTF at $6.45 but got freaked out a little and canceled the order. I was completely right about the bounce. You have to predict the bounce almost and can’t wait for it to start moving back up.

Everything else was kind of choppy. There were some nice squeezes but I ignored them after since a lot of the time they just come right back down.


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