Watchlist - 01/29/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Breakout over $1.75. News doesn’t seem that important but it is up premarket slightly. Not sure about it so probably won’t trade it.

I think they screwed up the year in the PR title.

Aethlon Medical to Release Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2018 Financial Results and Host Conference Call on February 1, 2018

Float: 12.12M
Short: 10.79%


Ran right into $2.54 resistance during premarket.

Float: 11.93M
Short: 19.01%


Breakout over $4.24.

Float: 14.30M
Short: 10.96%


Watching over $3.00 with a target of $3.50. Not seeing any recent news.

Float: 12.97M
Short: 7.93%


Watching for huge panics to dip buy. I need to practice dip buying OTCs and actually getting executed for once. Every single time I’ve tried to dip buy an OTC I have never gotten executed but each time I was right.


Watching for a breakout or a huge panic like $POTN.

Watchlist Review

A few of my alerts went off today.

Tried dip buying $POTN at 0.72 but my limit price was too low to get filled. I almost tried again later at 0.63 but there was so much selling and huge orders on the level 2.

$AEMD broke out but I didn’t like the price action. Low volume and a wall every 5c higher.

I watched $MTBC get up to the breakout level near the open then roll over to $4.05. I patiently waited for it to grind back since $4.45 is a multiday breakout. I bought and it started struggling with $4.50 as there were some large orders there. I got out for a small loss when it started failing. It actually ended up dipping a little then breaking the high again. This one seems kind of choppy and the moves aren’t easy to catch. I’ll just leave it alone since it’s almost noon.

$MTBC 1 minute candles


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