Watchlist - 01/31/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

State of the Union was yesterday night and the market sold off. There weren’t any big gainers from yesterday that looked good.

Trade Ideas has a free chatroom that I signed up for. I’m interested to see what type of stocks are alerted.


Reverse split. These can get pretty volatile.

Float: 30.10M
Short: 9.77%


Tends to have big moves. Resistance at $17.00.

Float: 12.00M
Short: 43.96%


Insane day yesterday but it’s a bit higher priced. I traded it before and got faked out on a breakout that later worked.

Float: 16.29M
Short: 36.09%


Resistnace at 0.69.


Earnings yesterday after the close. I watched it after hours and it seems like the way to play it is to wait for earnings to come out and dip buy near a whole number after a huge panic.

Float: 924.57M
Short: 19.02%


Again, still holding up pretty well. Watching for big panics to dip buy.

Watchlist Review

$POTN had two fake outs and I couldn’t get executed on either. It seems a bit weak now.

I traded $CMCM when it broke over $17.00 but had to stop out when it started fading. I got faked out and took a loss. It could have easily been a winner. I’m not sure why my winning percentage is terrible this year. I’m not really seeing stocks making moves that are easy to hit.

$CMCM 1 minute candles

I was in the free TI chatroom most of the day. It seems pretty useful. It’s a mix of alerts - some < $1 stocks and some higher priced stocks. Basically anything that is moving and has potential.

Barrie announced that he went long on $IMGN. I didn’t follow the alert even though it’s a whole dollar break setup that I like. However, if I had seen it near the open holding the high of the previous day that entry would have been a great dip buy.


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