Watchlist - 02/01/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Trader Workstation now has intraday VWAP! I compared it to thinkorswim and it looks accurate.

I wrote a few custom scanners for thinkorswim that look for 5 red/green candles in a row plus an overextended RSI. This is for trading reversals, and if it ends up working I’ll write a post about it.


Still on watch for a possible squeeze in the morning.

Float: 30.10M
Short: 9.77%


Terrible long term chart. Support at $1.25 and $1.12. Resistance at $1.50 and $1.72.

Float: 5.95M
Short: 12.37%


Support at $9.07, $8.87, and $8.53. $8.84 is the breakout level from half a year ago.

Float: 152.96M
Short: 7.90%


Reverse split a few days ago.

Float: 2.02M


Has an ATM. I’ll see what it does but probably won’t trade it.

Float: 9.02M
Short: 7.27%


Still going strong. I’ll watch it for dips to buy. Should have resistance at $1.00.

Watchlist Review

Really easy dip buy opportunity on $IMGN but I didn’t take it.

$POTN had a huge panic to 0.48. I figured it would hold 0.50 or so since a lot of the time it bounces near round numbers.


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