Watchlist - 02/02/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Yesterday was pretty bad so hopefully it does not continue.


Nice earnings run yesterday. Over $11.00 was a perfect breakout. If I had known that I’m still not sure I would have traded it. Not seeing any overhead resistance so it could keep going. Should have some support at $12.45, $12.15, and $11.15.

Float: 39.12M
Short: 1.59%


Never holds its gains but it is a breakout over $4.20 if it can get there again.

Float: 1.96M
Short: 5.50%


On watch again for continuation. It did break the high of the previous day but only by a few cents. Potential buy if it can get over $9.56. I’d much prefer it to get down to $9.00 again for a dip buy. It’ll be the third up day if it can spike.

Float: 152.96M
Short: 7.90%

Watchlist Review

Everything was extremely weak today. I saw $SN have a huge panic and started to bounce thanks to my ToS reversal scanner. It bounced a little but not significantly so I got out before it rolled over. Some weed penny stocks bounced today but I was too slow and couldn’t get executed on them.

I watched $SN a bit longer and it rolled over more so I was right about it not bouncing and it being weak.

$SN 1/5 minute candles


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