Watchlist - 02/14/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Looks like some opportunities are starting to come back. Crypto is back as well.


Wasn’t possible to trade yesterday since the $SPY was up and down all day.


Huge volume yesterday. It has a history of spiking big.

Float: 51.17M
Short: 3.07%


Huge up day yesterday on earnings. Higher priced which is annoying but I’ll see if there are any big dips to buy.

Float: 105.56M
Short: 23.22%


Could have some support at $2.72. Not sure about the news but it did make a big move yesterday.

Float: 23.74M
Short: 12.30%


Earnings. After hours it looks like a short squeeze.

Float: 42.66M
Short: 41.79%


Watching for massive panics to dip buy.

Watchlist Review

$POTN didn’t really do what I wanted so I didn’t buy it. Tim did trade it but I couldn’t really see why.

$UAA started bottoming around $16.00 and the first 5m candle to make a new high was $16.11. I almost bought but just didn’t. Could have been a nice 20c winner.

Market was a lot stronger but nothing I could easily trade. All the stocks on watch were choppy.


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