Watchlist - 02/15/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


$SPY gapped up instead of gapping down like it has been recently. We could be back to uptrending and in which case shorting $TVIX is the only trade possible. It’ll be weeks before we can really say if the market is back on track and on an uptrend.


$10.00 was the breakout level and it held pretty well yesterday.

Float: 152.18M
Short: 8.79%


Broke out yesterday but was a slow grind. Small crash down to $8.00 (currently VWAP) which may hold again. No recent news. 5c tick.

Float: 41.84M
Short: 7.44%


Went parabolic midday then retraced the whole move. Ever since that huge spike months ago it’s been in a downtrend. Possible short if it can get close to $1.72 again.

Float: 174.23M
Short: 9.90%


Some resistance at $2.75 and probably $3.00.

FLoat: 14.23M
Short: 9.09%


Did not hold any of its gains yesterday. I’ll watch for a huge panic like usual.

Watchlist Review

Finally got executed on an OTC and it was the previous one I traded too. I got filled exactly at the bottom. I sold it a little too soon but it didn’t go up that much. I almost bought it again on the second big panic but it didn’t quite get down to the level I wanted (0.615 or 0.61). I traded with really small size so I can easily risk a 5c loss on it if I’m wrong.

$POTN 1 minute candles


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