Watchlist - 02/16/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

I don’t really see anything that great during premarket.

Litecoin is hanging on to the $220 area which is pretty nice. Today is Friday so we could see some short squeezes. Yesterday was a lot better for low priced stocks. The $SPY did crash midday but ended up closing strong.

Market is closed on Monday.


Surprise move yesterday around 1:00 PM. Looks to have some support at $10.60 and $10.40. Held $10.00 twice and I didn’t buy either time. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to buy into weakness.

Float: 152.18M
Short: 8.79%


Big wick on the daily chart. Could see it head lower. Support at $2.50. Biotechs are annoying to trade because they all need money so everyone is selling.

They just announced an offering. Highly unlikely that I’ll even consider trading it. I have seen stocks spike after an offering but I definitely can’t trust it. Offering price is $2.10.

Float: 14.23M
Short: 9.09%


Nice support at $8.80 which was a level it got stuck at previously in the day. Resistance at $9.55. 5c tick.

Float: 41.84M
Short: 7.44%


Blockchain related. Resistance at $4.00. Not really sure about this one since yesterday was low volume and really the only catalyst is Litecoin being up.

Float: 5.20M
Short: 10.54%


Higher price but low float. $29.00 is a breakout and all time high. If I trade this I may do 50 shares instead of 100. It can easily whip 20-30c. Also don’t really want to chase so maybe if it finds support I’ll get in.

Float: 18.70M
Short: 15.17%


Kind of think this one is done for a while. After my initial dip buy it just kept going down. Should have support at 0.58 and 0.55.

Watchlist Review

Nothing really that great. $POTN had a small bounce. $MULE over $29.00 would have worked perfectly for a 50c gain. It moved so fast though. Everything else was pretty choppy.

$IMGN did break $11.00 and got up to $11.30+ from $10.45. Really nice but I missed the initial dip buy since once again it didn’t get low enough to where I’d be comfortable buying. This stock generally panics every single morning so on Tuesday I’ll look to maybe get in around $11.00 if it holds today.

Tim has barely been trading lately due to the way the market has been. Hopefully on Tuesday we get some better opportunities.


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