Watchlist - 02/21/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Small $SPY gap down this morning but might be recovering. The daily chart looks like it’s starting to round down.

LTC is hanging onto $220 and yesterday it got up to $252.

Not seeing anything great during premarket again so I’ll just wait and see if any of my stocks breakout. Can always short failed breakouts too if they don’t work.


Watching for a breakout over $4.84. Should have room up to about $5.75. Sketchy company though.

Float: 51.17M
Short: 3.07%


Breakout over $4.90 with a potential $5.40 target. Support at $4.60 and $4.50.

Float: 77.38M
Short: 11.70%


Potential dip buy at $11.00 again if the spreads aren’t too bad. It might be up too much now for it to keep going.

Float: 124.98M
Short: 10.70%


News just came out about them selling an asset. Long term chart is terrible. Probably won’t trade but I’ll still watch it.

Float: 4.19M
Short: 10.95%


Potential short if it can get to ~$1.90 with a risk of ~$2.05. IB has tons of shares. Float is really small so I might avoid it.

Float: 9.61M
Short: 5.08%


Low volume OTC that goes up every single day. I’ll watch it for a morning panic but usually it doesn’t do that.

Watchlist Review

$TGTX hit my alert and it broke out nicely. By the time I saw it it was already at $13.40 with large spreads. Not exactly easy to buy.

$POTN and $FUSZ both had panics at almost the same time and they both bounced at almost the same time. Both ended up being weak.

$AGEN had this crazy bounce off $4.52 with almost no red candles. It broke $4.90 but the runup was too crazy and it wasn’t really close to the open. The bounce was impressive. My alert went off and I watched it. I need to get better at dip buying slow grindy stocks like that.

Big selloff on the $SPY end of day. $TVIX might be kind of crazy tomorrow.


I am not a registered financial adviser/broker/anything. Use this information for entertainment/informational purposes only. Any tickers mentioned are not recommendations to buy/sell/or sell short. They are used as examples only.