Watchlist - 02/23/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Third red day for the $SPY. A base may be forming around $270. Seeing quite a few stocks up today.

LTC is back over $200. Most cryptos appear to be up in the last 24 hours.


Earnings. Support at $13.20. Multiday breakout over $13.92 and that’s also the 52w high.

Float: 64.58M
Short: 1.95%


Rejected off $5.00 yesterday. I’m guessing that I didn’t notice how close it was to $5.04 because of the way the charts work. It looks so far away even though it’s a few pennies. I should have shorted there risking a 5.04 break. Simple!

Float: 77.38M
Short: 11.70%


Earnings. Resistance at $11.85 / $12.00.

Float: 27.08M
Short: 12.77%


Over 0.63 / 0.64 is a breakout. No news.

Float: 53.87M
Short: 17.24%


Big spike yesterday. I’ll look for a panic to dip buy.

PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTC Pink: POTN) announced today it’s wholly owned subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc. , has reported that the Company has generated over 3 quarters of a million dollars, just within the first 10 days of February.


Kind of want to get in around $11.65 and ride it back to ~$12.00.

Float: 958.19M
Short: 17.18%

Watchlist Review

Nothing that great once again.

$CECO was sideways and didn’t do anything.

$POTN had a nice panic and I put an order out but it spiked before I could get filled. It ended up being pretty choppy.

$AGEN was getting close to $5.04 again and kept holding up really well so I didn’t short it. I’ll probably just avoid it since the moves it makes are slow and grindy plus it doesn’t have that much volume now. Looks like just algos are trading it.

$MOMO was decent on the pullback to $33.75 but it’s higher priced so it wasn’t really on my radar.


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